Authentic Zen Session / Eiheiji-cho



In this session, you will be able to practice Zen under the instructions of real live Zen monks. Learn the poses and hear the sounds of Zen.

We are providing this precious opportunity to experience the original form of Zen whose popularity is currently spreading around the American and European continents.

You will get to know Eiheiji monastery where the same form of Zen practice has been preserved for 800 years as well as Eiheiji town where the monastery is located.

Rev. Shumyo Kojima
Head Priest, Zenshuji Buddhist Temple
Rev. Gyokei Yokoyama
Minister of Long Beach Buddhist Church
Administrative Secretary of Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office
Rev. Taiga Ito
Administrative Secretary
Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
Rev. Dokan Kojima
Administrative Assistant
Responsible for General Affairs of Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office
Ippei Suzuki