0th Industrial Revolution



Our image of the future is more nostalgic than technologically sparkling. Although technological progress has made our world materially wealthy, such innovations may lead to mental stress and loss of spiritual satisfaction. “Nostalgic Future” is a concept to balance material wealth and mental satisfaction. We propose that the Eastern way of life can help achieve this kind of nostalgic future.

Zen, Shinto, Taoism, religions from the Far East which developed in the long ago past, provide great insights and wisdoms. They teach us mindfulness, a belief in nature and respect for the earth. To overcome the difficulties in our societies, we believe we need to incorporate Eastern type values with Western ones.

In this session we show the powers and the possibilities of eastern value for the post singularity era in which humans cooperatively and symbiotically coexist with AI, robots and automations. How can we avoid the us vs. them mentality and all be “we?” The key is beat, rhythm and groove. We need to synchronize with data.

Yasu Maeda
Deputy Commissioner, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan
Yoshiyuki Fujishima
Shinichiro Yasukawa
Great Journy
Naho Kitano
Director, Asukoe Partners Inc.
Hidetoshi Shibata