YOSHIMOTO KOGYO Japanese Comedy Stage and Workshop



Comedy stage performances and workshop presented by Yoshimoto Kogyo, a Japanese talent agency that celebrates its 107th anniversary in April 2019.

Performing on stage will be Yuriyan Retriever, an extremely popular female comedian in Japan, and Osamu Honda whose entertainment masterpiece "Para-deru Manga” (meaning pop-up comic) is creating a huge buzz in Japan for how characters come jumping out of comic books and come alive in the real world. Honda will also demonstrate how it is done.

Yuriyan Retriever
Birthplace: Nara Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: November 1, 1990
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Height: 159cm (5’ 2”)
Represented by: Yoshimoto Creative Agency
Yuriyan’s performance of parodying an Oscar Award Winning Actress’s speech in English peppered with Japanese stories is one of the reasons for her increasing popularity. She is also famous for including piano and dance for her performances.
Osamu Honda (From the comedy group "Tamashī no Kinchaku")
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: April 15, 1983.
Blood Type: B
Height : 174cm (5’ 7”)
Represented by: Yoshimoto Creative Agency
Hobbies: Shogi (Japanese chess), caring about his eleven brothers, graffiti
He is famous for his flip book creations in Japan.