SAKE: Japanese Culture in a Cup



“Sake Samurai” Timothy Sullivan leads a fun, informative and tasty introduction into the world of premium sake, a libation the Japanese call the drink of the gods. No other beverage is tied as closely to Japanese society as sake, which has been produced there for the last 2,000 years. What began as an offering to the gods to ensure a bountiful rice harvest became the imperial court’s drink of choice. As sake production increased, it became the common man's everyday drink. Today, as production quality continues to improve, the market for premium sake is growing, both in Japan and around the world. Join Sullivan, a sake industry promoter and founder of, as he explains how Japanese master brewers create the potent drink from rice and water. He also demystifies the various sake classifications to help you find the sake that fits your taste and your budget.

Timothy Sullivan
Global Brand Ambassador
General Marketing Manager of North America