Authentic Zen Session



In this session you will experience authentic forms and sounds of Zen practiced by real live Zen monks. It is a precious opportunity to touch the original form of Zen currently spreading in the American and European continents. Learn about Eiheiji monastery as well as Eiheiji town where the same form of Zen has been practiced for 800 years. You can also participate in Zen practice alongside and with the tutorship of the monks.

Rev. Shumyo Kojima
Rev. Shumyo Kojima is the Chief Soto Zen priest of Zenshuji Soto Mission in Los Angeles, the oldest Soto Zen temple in North America. Rev. Kojima grew up as a disciple of his father in their family temple in Saga prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Komazawa University where he studied Buddhist history and philosophy, he entered Soto Zen Institute of Buddhist Studies. From being a researcher at the institute he then relocated to the U.S. to study American Zen and temporarily served Zenshuji temple in 1993. After completing his training at Eiheiji Monastery, he returned to Los Angeles to serve Zenshuji temple as a full-time minister where he has been spreading the teachings of Soto Zen Buddhism for 25 years.
Dokan Kojima
Administrative Secretary, International Dept., Education and Dissemination Division of Sotoshu Shumucho (Soto Zen Buddhism Headquarters)
Taiga Ito
Administrative Secretary, Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
Gyokei Yokoyama
Administrative Secretary, Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office Minister, Long Beach Buddhist Church